Frequently Asked Questions

Your Order

Will your bouquets look exactly as they do in the pictures?

Because we always want our flowers to be as fresh as possible, we create our designs with the very best flowers available that day. Therefore, they will  likely look slightly different than the pictures.

Can I create a subscription order?

Having beautiful flowers in your home or work environment is essential!  Therefore, we have created a subscription offering which allows for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly delivery of our Florist's Choice Bouquet.  You will have full flexibility to start, pause or stop subscription orders at any time.

Can I add a gift to my order?

We have curated a small number of locally sourced, artisanal products to add as gifts to your order.  These products may change over time as we develop relationships with artisans that meet our criteria.

Can I order something different than what is on your website?

If you give us enough notice, we may be able to source the flowers and create the arrangements that you would like to order.  However, flowers are sold in quantity so unless we are able to use the extra flowers in our arrangements, special orders may be cost prohibitive unless large or multiple arrangements are involved.  Please call us on 770-765-6234 to discuss.

What if something is wrong with my flowers?

If there is any problem, we will make it right.  Please call us (770-765-6234) to let us know what we can do.


Can I pick up my arrangement instead of having it delivered?

Right now, we are online only and do not have a storefront (yet). As such, we are only able to offer delivery for now.

How much do I have to spend for delivery?

We charge $10-20 for delivery, depending on distance from our studio.

What is your local delivery area?

We currently deliver to the following zip codes:  30008, 30060, 30062, 30064, 30066, 30067, 30068, 30075, 30076, 30144, 30152, 30188, 30189, 30328, 30350.  Stay tuned because we are continually expanding!

Do you deliver 7 days a week?

We deliver Monday – Saturday which is when we have the freshest blooms available.

Do you do same day local deliveries?

We generally do not deliver same day. All of our arrangements are individually and lovingly built and this takes time.  However, if you call us (770-765-6234) early, it may be possible to deliver later that day.  

What time will my delivery arrive?

We typically deliver between noon and 5pm. However, during busier periods there is a chance we will deliver before or after this.

What if the recipient isn’t home to take their flowers?

We will first look for a safe, covered space to leave the bouquet. Because we want to keep your gift a surprise as long as possible, we will call the recipient's phone number to arrange delivery only as a last resort.  However, if all else fails, the flowers must be delivered as they are perishable.

Sustainability Practices

Where do you source your flowers?

Although we source flowers from other geographies (primarily the US and Americas), we buy from local farmers whenever possible because their flowers are the freshest and their growing practices tend to be pesticide free and bee friendly.

Are your packaging materials eco-friendly?

As flower lovers, we value our Earth - so most of our packaging is either reusable, compostable or recyclable.

What about foam?

We use very little foam and only for our centerpieces. When we do use foam, we have chosen to use AgraWool (although it is a lot more expensive!) because it is compostable rather than the typical green foam that most florists use.


Where are you located?

We are online only for now, and do not have a physical storefront (yet). However, we make all of our arrangements right here in East Cobb.

Can I come and work with you?

If you like our design approach and want to work with us on a freelance basis, please give us a call.  We plan to grow and will need additional arms and legs to design and deliver.